Accommodation options

Accomodation options are not put into categories anymore and the number of places to stay is limited to three. 

The organized accommodation options for the 2021 conference are the following:

Pethe Ferenc Dormitory (Keszthely)

Pethe Ferenc Dormitory provides for most of the available spots, so it will remain to be the main accommodation venue.

Accommodation options in Tapolca: Sports Hotel Tapolca and Batsányi Dormitory

This year the second biggest accommodation venue will be in Tapolca. The number of available spots here is significantly smaller than at Pethe however.

Since all accommodation options other than the one at the Ranch are beyond walking distance, transportation will be managed with organized buses. Further information will be available soon.

Not reccommended accommodations

Based on previous years experiences there are some accommodation in Keszthely what we highly not recommend. Please avoid these accommodations:

  • Baba Apartman
  • Forrás Pension
  • Fábián Apartman

General information

Some notable information regarding organized accommodation:

  • We would like to kindly ask married couples and those coming with children to reserve accommodation for themselves. In our experience organized accommodation is not suitable for them.
  • The number of rooms is limited. We reserve the right to close applications for accommodation early.
  • During registration preferences can be indicated regarding accommodation options which the team responsible for allocation will do their best to take into consideration but cannot guarantee. (see the aspects in detail below)
  • If you request accommodation, you must pay the first installment of the participation fee by the first payment deadline. Otherwise we reserve the right to dismiss your reservation.
  • This year at Pethe Ferenc Dormitories there will be supervisors for every floor responsible for settling any potential disputes (e.g. noisy neighbors at night) and ensuring tranquility. Please fully comply with their requests so that all participants of the conference may rest peacefully.

Disposition of accommodations

The organizers make the room arrangements in a way where many personal and communal needs are taken into consideration. Even though the room arrangements are made by multiple people through multiple days, the experience gained over the years shows us that there is no such an arrangement where everyone’s every request is fulfilled. :)

We can most likely fulfill your request if:

  • You only write those people as your roommates with whom you have agreed on this beforehand and you each write each other;
  • When writing your roommate’s name, you make sure that it is their full and exact name (for example do not write their nickname instead of their actual name);
  • Taking into consideration the accommodation room arrangements, there is a greater chance of your request being fulfilled, if you mark each other in groups of three.
Despite of all our efforts we still maintain the right to make the final arrangements of rooms and accommodations.

In order to have transparency in the room arrangement process, we would like to hereby share the main aspects based on which we decide who will be roommates.

  • It's a great pleasure that more and more foreign participants come to the Conference. As a gesture towards them we try to place people from the same country to the same or nearby rooms.
  • We will try to take into consideration reasonable special requests (health issues, reasons concerning service) noted in the Further notes and requests section in the registration process as much as possible
  • If 4, 5, 6 or more wish to stay together and there are no rooms of a corresponding size, we will try to place them in adjacent rooms.
  • When it comes to those who do not indicate any roommate preferences, we will aim to accommodate them with others of similar age
  • If there aren’t any special requests and we have to decide on who shall go to smaller or bigger rooms, we will take into consideration the following but not limited to:
    • Ministry participation: We would like to favour those who are actively taking part in ministries that are and in previous years have been taking part in ministries that are vital to the successful and smooth proceeding of the Conference.
    • Age: we would like to favour the participants of the conference who have been participating for longer by placing them in rooms with less lodgers.

Early arrival

We consider the possibility to arrive one day earlier, further details come later.