Prioritized audience of the conference is young adults, members of Faith Church, who were born either in or after 1991. Completing minimum four years of Secondary School is a prerequisite for attendance.

Minimum age limit

Applicants are obliged to have completed minimum four years of Secondary School. It is a significant change compared to previous years.

Upper age limit

In order to be eligible to apply, one has to be born in 1991 or later with the exceptions being:

  1. if you participate with your spouse who was born in 1991 or later
  2. if you have an important role in the preparation and organization of the Conference
  3. if you regularly and actively take part in the youth ministry (you will need a recommendation from a leader of the church, which you may fill out in the course of the registration)
  4. Those who were considered eligible based on their unique circumstances

We cannot provide organized accomodation to participants who were born before 1991.