Yes, if you come together, you may attend the Conference.

It depends. If you have requested accommodation you will have to pay at least the first part of the price until the first deadline. If you have not requested accommodation, you can choose whether you pay in one or two installlments.

This option is not available due to the following organizational reasons:

  • In previous camps some young people turned out to feel sick because they only wanted accommodation without meals. The pace is tight, so you should eat properly.
  • For those participants whose accommodation is booked in advance by the organizers, the daily schedule will be too strict to have enough time to eat individually.

If you have given an e-mail address, then you received a confirmation e-mail including a link. If you click on it, then the registration form will appear again and you can print it out.

  • You send you modification request to the following e-mail address: ifjusag@hit.hu.
  • If you want to modify your application, please turn to our programme desk, but note: it will take more time than usual.

If you haven't paid anything, then click on the delete link received in your confirmation e-mail. If you have paid the fee, then please come to our programme desk personally to cancel and receive your repayment or write an e-mail to us. We can only repay your money if you cancel before the deadlines given!