MMedical information

Important information about the conditions of participation:

  • Only those applicants are accepted, who received two doses of COVID vaccine, (in case of a one component vaccine, one dose), and until the event two weeks will be passed after the second dose.
  • In special cases individual consideration is possible in consultation with the medical team. The information needed for decision making will be asked in the registration form. We kindly ask those who need individual consideration to register for the event!
  • Individual consideration is only possible, if the applicant holds at least an immunity certificate. According to the current laws it is compulsory for events in size like ours. Without an immunity certificate we are certainly unable to accept an application in 2021.
  • for participants arriving from abroad:
    • the above mentioned criterias apply
    • it it is currently unknown what travel restrictions will be in place by the time of the event between Hungary and the country of origin, please follow the official sites, and take it into consideration prior registration
  • Parents who fit the above mentioned criterias can bring their children. In their cases a declaration needed to be signed upon arrival about being symptom free in the previous two weeks. We would like to draw your attention that children supervision will only be possible in previously agreed cases, in cases of ministry.

In cases of children arriving with participants, a medical declaration needs to be signed. Only healthy and asymptomatic children can enter the location.

Special regulations will be announced in the upcoming days before the conference, knowing the current situation.