PPayment options


  • bank transfer from Hungary
  • with a credit/debit card
  • with PayPal from abroad (please use this option only in case you live abroad)

For further details about payment options please scroll down. Please pay attention to the deadlines! We cannot guarantee application or modifications beyond these dates!

Summer programmes' fee payed by BANK TRANSFER or by PayPal

If you would like to pay by bank transfer to any of our summer programmes (except Tekeres Kid's camp), please mind the followings:

  1. The amount due shall be transferred to the below mentioned bank account until the deadlines.
  2. Please make sure to write the followings to the comment section:
    1. name of the participant
    2. participant's ID number that was given to you during the online registration (you may find it on your application form).
    3. the name of the programme you applied for (e.g.: Youth Conference)
    4. if the account holder and the participant are not the same: name and address of the account holder
  3. After we recieved the transfered money, we send you a credit note to your e-mail address. If you do not receive this credit note within 4 days, please write an e-mail to the organizers (ifjusag@hit.hu).
  4. We issue a VAT invoice about the transferred amount based on the home address given at registration. You can receive this at the registration desk in Budapest or at the on-site registration. If you need it sooner for some reason, please write an e-mail to the organizers (ifjusag@hit.hu).
  5. We'd like to draw your attention to the regulations, that permits only individuals to pay the participation fee (NOT a company or church)!

Account number

Account owner: IFICROSS (this is a new entity of Faith Church, established specially for organizing summer camps)
Currency: HUF
Bank: OTP Bank
Account number: 11784009-20603612
IBAN: HU11 1178 4009 2060 3612 0000 0000

Paying with credit/debit card

for further details plese write an e-mail to ifjusag@hit.hu

Paying with PayPal

The below button will lead you to the PayPal web page. Please make sure to write all details (listed above in the second point) to the comment section.