RRules of Conference


The aim of the conference is to provide spiritual and moral development, intellectual education and a possibility to relax for young people of Faith Church, so they can spend their free time on a high-standard, Christian level. The rules of the conference serve the purpose of helping and protecting those who support the aims of the conference while respecting the rights of others, as well as localizing those who hinder the achievement of these purposes.


Faith Church purchased the area located at the foot of Szent György hill in 2016 and further expanded it in 2018. Since Faith Park, this is the greatest investment of our church. The vision of senior pastor Sándor Németh for the primary purpose of the premises of over 30 hectares and the newly developed convention center is „to create a high-standard spiritual workshop” at the foot of the Tapolca „Witness hills”. Thousands of church members took part in the development providing physical help, financial means or spiritual support. The protection of the complex and its environment is the interest and goal of all of us. All participants are required to always take this into consideration and act in accordance, so as to protect the convention center.

Lecture attendance

The conference follows a pre-set schedule, abiding by which is the interest and obligation of all participants. Arriving on time is a way of showing respect to the lecturer. The focal program of the conference are the teachings taking place the whole week. Lecture attendance is compulsory for everyone on conference premises. During lectures no other activity (doing sports, buying snacks, eating) is allowed. The only exceptions are ministries and organization tasks for the conference. During lectures snack bars and the canteen tent are closed. Please spend the night with rest, to the request of our main lecturer. Please return to your accommodation as soon as the evening activities are over, so that everyone can pay attention on the next day's lecture refreshed and inspired.

Clothing, communications, services, leisure activities, accommodation

We expect Christian moral standards to be represented in the clothing and accessories of all participants at all conference locations (conference centre, accommodations,etc). Communication with non-participants, the leaders of the conference, and with each other is to be based on mutual respect. Please observe the rules of the road during travelling and commuting, and also follow the instructions of people who ensure security. This applies to all with a bike or a car and also to pedestrians. Visiting secular entertainment venues is prohibited during the time of the conference. Unmarried men and women cannot stay together, even if they choose private accommodation. When taking your room allocated by the organizers, you must follow their instructions. Should you require any changes, please contact the organizers first. Use of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited.


The active participation of participants in voluntary ministries is crucially important to have a well-run conference. Organizers aim to have applicants serve in the ministry indicated at registration, but this is not always feasible. To ensure a smooth operation of all ministries, we expect all participants to arrive punctually at the venue indicates in the ministry schedule they receive and to do their work following the guidelines set by the ministry leader. Organizers are allowed to oversee this.

Physical and psychological well-being

All participants must be legally competent, whose psychological state, mental disability or other illnesses do not prevent them from acting responsibly and in full awareness of their actions. We would like to emphasise our request of obeying mass event healthcare regulations with respect to the great number of attendants. A healthy state is a prerequisite of the conference attendance - proven by medical tests, if necessary. Please do NOT participate at the events with contagious viral, respiratory or digestive infections, in the best interest and protection of yourself and others.


Attendance is only possible with registration, having received a green light from the medical team of Faith Church. Decisions are made based on the information provided via the online registration form. Taking into consideration the pandemic situation, all participants are obliged to follow hygienic guidelines very thoroughly. In case of malaise or illness – with special emphasis on fever, coughing, loss of the sense of smells or tastes, digestion problems – the medical staff has to be contacted immediately. We ask those staying together with the person in question to avoid contacting others until further notice from the medical team.


Childcare is available to participants’ children had prior notice and a confirmation been given. Organizers contact all participants that intend to arrive with children once registration closes.

Use of technical devices

During the conference all participants are obliged to respect everyone’s right of privacy. Recording image or sound, and/or broadcasting lectures, worship service, prayer meetings or social events is strictly prohibited unless the organizers authorize it. During other programs taking pictures or videos, and especially sharing them on social media is only allowed if everyone on the photos consent. Publishing pictures and videos taken during the week of the conference on websites or any social network portals (Facebook, Twitter etc.) is only allowed for the dedicated media crew.

Preservation, catering, farm areas, organized accommodation

Every participant of the conference is obliged to take good care of Agrosz Convention Center, its environment and tools, equipment and articles of personal use and to prevent their destruction. Food is to be consumed in the catering tent and in the dedicated areas of the snack bars. We kindly ask you to have your catered meals only in the catering tent. On snack bar premises you may only consume products purchased there. It is prohibited to take any meals to private rooms or organizer rooms. The costs of any damages caused intentionally are to be settled by the perpetrator. Please refrain from any destructive activity and the unnecessary disturbance of farm animals on farm areas that belong to the conference venue. It is strictly prohibited to feed the animals and to enter their place. Pets (dogs, cats, etc.) cannot be brought to the ranch. Everyone is obliged to abide by injury prevention and fire safety measures. It is strictly prohibited to use open fire, set a fire or smoke on any conference premises (convention center, the woods and the pastures). The dedicated area for ball games is the one across the rose garden, beyond the fence. Please refrain from ball games in the inner court. When you take your youth hostel room, it is recommended to check the condition of the room, toilets, showers etc., and to immediately report the possible damages to the organizers of the conference. Without this the users have financial responsibility for all damages at the time of leaving the building.

The organizers of the event uphold the right to ban anyone from the conference who violates these rules.

We wish great and blessed days, strengthening, renewing, and a pleasant time for all participants!

Youth Conference Keszthely 2021 Management