Just like in the previous years, we need you to support the successful operation of the youth conference with your ministry! Please take an active role this year as well! Participant who do not speak Hungarian can only apply for the furnishing ministry.

Because you, brothers, were marked out to be free; only do not make use of your free condition to give the flesh its chance, but through love be servants one to another.

Galatians 5, 13.

Scope of duties

We arrange the hall in the evening/at night. Besides, there might be room arranging tasks during the day (eg. due to competitions and pastoring).

Time of ministry

Evening/night (in the daytime in those special cases).

Frequency per person

In case of enough manpower one day during the conference.

Conditions of application

Anyone can apply!

This option is meant to be for mothers of small children – though there are many among them who set an example in making sacrifices. :-)

We would strongly prefer not to see this option chosen for participants who have no serious reasons similar to the above mentioned case.

Nevertheless, we were obliged to include this option for it is better if somebody chooses this than if they would the flow of the conference by serving without devotion.

Although we encourage you to take part in the work of a service according to your possibilities and abilities, note that the „good part” is listening to the lectures, but it is only available because of your fellows' hardwork.